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Product information “Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business”

Work from home or in the office with Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business

Be at the office and home at the same time – with Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business

The name itself implies that the applications in this software package are suitable for both private and professional use, at home and in the office. It includes the most recent variations of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook and Microsoft also offers the option to run all programs not only with Windows 10 but also macOS. Documents, tables, presentations, emails, and contacts: With this compact collection of the most renowned office programs worldwide, users can manage everything of importance in their professional and personal daily routine. Thanks to the optional data back-up in the online storage services, sharing the content of any kind with colleagues and friends is also extremely simple.

Also in 2019, Word is still the best method for creating, checking, printing and even forwarding documents of any type. From single-page administration documents to complex scientific papers, Word 2019 can cater for virtually any purpose. This version also allows the integration of SVG graphics, which makes it considerably easier to deal with large images, photographs, drawings, and other formats. Those who like to work using smartpens or dictation will be pleased about the improved recognition of both types of input in Word 2019.

The most valuable tool for the evaluation of data sets, such as finances, is Excel 2019: Users will be able to manage both small groups of numbers and complete company reports. Finally, the many different options for the display of figures allow any information to be displayed in a visually appealing and immediately comprehensible way. This edition also contains many new, improved mathematical functions, GPU acceleration for certain 3D viewing, and more, whereas PowerPoint 2019 in Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business allows the integration of 4K videos and the free scaling of any graphics that are incorporated into transparencies – without any external image processing whatsoever.

Also in the 2019 version, Outlook continues to be the best method for filing all contact data in one place and managing emails. Users can set up an unlimited number of email accounts, save data offline and file emails in a back-up archive. The program saves all contacts, as desired, with names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Above all for professional use in companies, Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business is thus an ideal method for remaining permanently in contact with customers and ensuring that the most important data is not lost. If desired, the intelligent email inbox can sort incoming messages so that only important emails arrive immediately.

Microsoft has made one of the editions of Windows 10 an essential requirement for installation. Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business is also compatible with macOS. None of the programs will start if an older version of Windows is installed. What’s more, it comes with a full license and will be supplied by Microsoft with all the major updates for at least five years. All programs can be used also without Internet access and do not need a Cloud connection. If necessary, the data can still be backed-up in Cloud services such as OneDrive.

Operating system: Windows 10
Working memory: at least 2 GB RAM
Hard drive: at least 3 GB available memory space
Display: at least 1,024 * 768 pixel
Graphics card: DirectX 10-support required for GPU-accelerated interface
Browser: current versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari
.NET-Version: at least .NET-Version 3.5

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