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Product information “Microsoft Office Professional 2019”

Office 2019 Professional: Experience productivity in a new way

Working more productively with Microsoft Office Professional 2019

Create documents, draw up financial plans, design presentations, create notes and stay in touch with colleagues via email: Microsoft Office Professional 2019 provides all the essential applications you need to get the job done at home and at work. The 2019 version of the program package also divides into different applications. Unlike in Office 365, there is no connection to the cloud in Microsoft Office Professional 2019. Instead, the whole package works completely offline. An internet connection is only necessary in order to receive security and function updates at regular intervals. Therefore, the program package is also suitable for companies or private users who are not yet ready for the cloud or permit to access it.

In 2019, Microsoft Word present in a new guise, including improving recognition of pen and voice input. Text no longer has to be entered via the keyboard: Pencils such as the Microsoft Pencil in combination with Surface devices allow natural writing within Word, which then automatically translates into machine writing. Voice input has also been improved by including the results of the Cortana wizard in this feature. This opens up a new range of possibilities for users to use Microsoft Word and become creative in a new way. Of course, Word can also handle document types other than its own DOCX format.

The Excel program is also available in Microsoft Office Professional 2019 for tabulating finances, data records, expenditures, product names, and other information. In this release, the application introduces new features and charts that significantly enhance data analysis within Excel. Companies, in particular, will benefit from this step, as data now present and manages in a more visually appealing way. PowerPoint has also been enhanced to allow users to add zooms to presentations or distort and move entire slides. The result can be more engaging, interactive presentations that offer more than people are familiar with from typical PowerPoint presentations.

The outlook continues to be a core application in Microsoft Office Professional 2019. The program not only manages all the user’s email addresses, but it also provides an overview of all known contacts and a scheduler. Every known contact can enrich with email addresses, phone numbers, websites, and other important data. The synchronization with Outlook on a smartphone makes it possible to have the data in your pocket wherever you are. Companies in particular benefit from this: Via Exchange Server, it is possible to keep contact data and appointments for all employees up to date. Thus, this Office package is not only a tool for typical office tasks but also an organizational tool.

Microsoft has also recognized the signs of the times and offers support for new technologies such as 4K videos to insert into PowerPoint presentations. Word now masters the handling of freely scalable SVG files, which saves storage space, on the one hand, and is much more flexible in everyday use, on the other hand. In addition to Windows, the Professional version of Office 2019 is also suitable for current versions of macOS and as a server version for Windows Server 2016. Microsoft has also simplified the security, usability, and administration of all programs across all applications. In the end, this results in a comprehensive package of the most important applications that professional users should not do without.

Microsoft has optimized Office 2019 Professional for the capabilities of Windows 10. For this reason, it will not be possible to run the applications in this package on devices equipped with older versions of Windows. Either one of the various versions of Windows 10 is required to run Office 2019. There is no other version of Office 2019 that is compatible with older versions of Windows.

Operating system: Windows 10
Working memory: at least 2 GB RAM
Hard disk: at least 3 GB available disk space
Screen: at least 1,024 x 768 pixels resolution
Graphics card: DirectX 10 support required for GPU-accelerated interface
Browser: current versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari
.NET version: at least .NET version 3.5

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